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Firstly, can I say what an absolute pleasure it is to be writing this to you. It never fails to amaze me, the time and commitment fans like the put into starting and running a club like this. It is essential that these clubs exist for the fans, especially in far away places like Singapore.


Newcastle United, as everyone appreciates, is a huge club - potentially. The reason I use the word potentially is because it has so many vital ingredients not least the huge, loyal and very vocal support that the club is very fortunate to have. Unfortunately, apart from some dreamlike years under Kevin Keegan, the club has not achieved anything of note- certainly no silverware has been forthcoming despite numerous trips to that not so lucky ex national stadium.


That unfortunately is the black truth of how it is- but how it can be is much, much brighter depending, of course, on how far Bobby Robson is allowed to dig into the clubs pockets. With the right players, a decent start to next season, a little luck and Newcastle should be at least looking for much more "top of the table" season with a view to a top 6 finish.


Nothing is for free

Buying is the key …

Sorry, poetry is not my game…kicking was.


To play for Newcastle from 1992-1995 was an honour. It was, as I said many times, probably the most enjoyable time of my professional life. The rapport between the team and the fans was something I never have and never will experience again- I consider myself very fortunate to have been a small part of a very special revival of Newcastle under Kevin Keegan.


The way the fans responded to me, considering I'd obviously played for Sunderland, was unbelievable. I felt loved and appreciated which is why I showed my appreciation to those full houses at St James at every given opportunity.


Commitment was the mainstay of my game and I'm proud to say that I was captain of a unique team, which was backed, helped and swept along by a group of very committed people - NUFC Supporters.


We will always have those memories.


Now I work full time for ITV Sport which I thoroughly enjoy and I am also the owner of, which is my auction website.


We auction autographed sporting memorabilia which is very kindly donated by the top stars and clubs of the sporting world and all of the profits from the auction items goes to "Peggy and Friends". "Peggy and Friends" is a children's charity, of which I am patron. We help supply limbless children with high-definition silicone prosthetics. These artificial limbs average out at aprox £4,000 each and, of course, children grow so they need replacements every 6-12 months. (Very expensive for the parents). It's hard work, time consuming, money consuming (I personally fund the whole shebang) but very rewarding.


Check us out. We receive regular donations form Newcastle including boots from Alan Shearer, shirts from Rob Lee, Kieron Dyer, Solano, Cordone and many, many more. So log on to register (free) and place that all-important bid.


You help us, to help you, to help children - work that one out.


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